Saturday, 20 February 2016

LFW / Day 2; Ryan Lo, Fyodorgolan, John Smedley, Eudon Choi

The Ryan Lo show was a homage to his hometown of Hong Kong, it had the kitch, the fun and the romantic fantasy and a great set to match!

The Fyodorgolan show was an array of fluorescent pops with velvets and frills and eyelet detailing and a set to match!

The collection as a whole was fun and young, with a focus on detailing, my personal favourite element(although we have seen it before) was how the collection captured circular motifs both through cut out fabric and the use of eyelets as adornment, all put together with a pair of fishnets.

John Smedley presented their womenswear collection "Spectrum:The Artistry of Knit" in an intimate space on Greek street. It was what you would expect from Smedley, layered fine knits in the autuminal colours of berry and grey. My favourite piece; the woollen trousers.


Eudon Choi presented a pretty collection with some nice shapes and layers.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Paris Design Week

Back in September last year I went to Paris design week,  better late than never, reflecting on last year, here are some of my highlights of what I saw.

Below; A ceramic installation contained within a simplistic wooden box, lit from above. I didn't make a note of the artist who made the installation but there was something very pleasing about the composition, materials and colours which    appealed to me.

Maison D'Object : An exhibition exploring the definition of 'Precious', what factors place value on an object.

A nice idea for labelling;

Glass bell jars as a means to contain objects whilst highlighting their importance, it's been done a thousand times before but on mass it is very impactful and effective;

An interactive floral installation was a highlight of the show space, where, the botany moved up and down in correlation to the movement of people walking within the space.