Saturday, 20 October 2012

Frieze Art Fair

I went to Frieze Art Fair last weekend and saw some really interesting pieces and some more not so interesting pieces of work trying to pass as "contemporary art". However, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and I would definitely recommend contemporary art lovers alike to experience the experience that is Frieze.

The following images are of pieces that I found particularly inspiring...

Great Typography pieces;

A really interesting use of the everyday object that is the office blind, I thought this piece in particular would make a really interesting idea for a window display concept;

Some beautiful textile based pieces, as a stylist I am always working with clothing and I am always drawn to tangible pieces and textured surfaces as well as colours and yarns;

Rugs and light shades;

Abstract and painterly themes ran throughout the fair;

A miniature man, this piece was particularly delightful;

And of course a pink walrus;

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