Sunday, 1 November 2015

Christmas Windows Launch ; Pisces

For the star sign Pisces, a special commission was created working closely with the talented Ada Zanditon, she was briefed to create these beautiful mermaid tails and headpieces.

Below; Many colours, finishes and shapes of leather were sampled.

Below; A shot of one of the headpieces created by Ada.

Below; Mermaid Tails in construction, almost finished and ready to dress.

Below; Mid-Installation within the window.

Below; Final end result.

Christmas Windows Launch ; Cancer

Four months of work came together with The Selfridges Christmas Windows launch, in this post are some shots of the styling elements I worked on for the Cancer star sign window.

Working with Sorcha O'Reilly to create this bespoke headpiece and liaseing with Alessi in securing samples of their beautiful metal bowls to create a sculptural landscape that moves across the floor of the window. 

Below; Images from initial meetings and sampling for headpiece by Sorcha O'Reilly.