Monday, 18 January 2016

Paris Design Week

Back in September last year I went to Paris design week,  better late than never, reflecting on last year, here are some of my highlights of what I saw.

Below; A ceramic installation contained within a simplistic wooden box, lit from above. I didn't make a note of the artist who made the installation but there was something very pleasing about the composition, materials and colours which    appealed to me.

Maison D'Object : An exhibition exploring the definition of 'Precious', what factors place value on an object.

A nice idea for labelling;

Glass bell jars as a means to contain objects whilst highlighting their importance, it's been done a thousand times before but on mass it is very impactful and effective;

An interactive floral installation was a highlight of the show space, where, the botany moved up and down in correlation to the movement of people walking within the space. 

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